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Conquering Lions Head

Aug 25, 2016 | Candice King

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Well damn! Not a single person told me it would be that difficult – thanks friends! I am definitely not the fittest person so when I walked up that first curve in the path – 10 minutes in, okay, not even – I was ready to turn back.

I think it was all the photos I saw on my friends Facebook feeds that made me want to go up there and experience Cape Town at its best. Those pics were beautiful!

Back to my near death experience…
Huffing and puffing my way up the mountain stopping here and there to catch my breath and have a sip of water. Every time someone said to me, ‘we’re nearly there’, there was a sparkle in my eye. They lied. They lied every time they said that because when I looked up, it seemed as if the mountain was never coming to an end. And there it was. The top of Lion’s Head. Hallelujah. We made it … 1h 10mins later; parched and hungry from not eating breakfast. I was in awe at the beauty that is Cape Town. Just wow! So one of the crew had an orange! It was like I found a pot of gold. So as I sat down - to catch my breath again – legs crossed, I place the orange between my legs to fiddle in my bag. Then the unthinkable happened … I straightened my legs and the orange went rolling down the mountain! I won’t lie; it was the funniest thing ever – to me at least. I was shouted at by everyone because that one orange was meant to be split 7 ways! Oh well.

We made another laughable memory. After a lovely break and tons of photo taking; because lets be honest, I won’t be doing that again in a hurry so I made the most of it, we made our way back down and I handled that like a boss. Cape Town was definitely showing off and I didn’t blame her one little bit.