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Difficult life decisions

Aug 24, 2016 | Candice King

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2012. Not just a movie about the year the earth was to expire. It was the year that my relationship of over a decade expired. 25 December 2012 to be exact. My son was a mere 7 month old at the time but when you have reached the end of the line, you’ve reached the end of the line.

It wasn’t an easy decision for me to end my relationship; it was a decision that I spent months processing and on that Christmas Day, my mind was made up.

My ex and I share two beautiful kids and for that I am forever grateful. I just think we were at different places in our lives and I was no longer happy and that motivated my decision. Some people might say it was a selfish decision to make but this is how I see it … I wasn’t happy. I was no longer content on living with someone I was losing feelings for. Things change and people change. Unfortunately my kids bore the brunt of my decision; but how much of a disservice would I be doing to my kids if they saw a loveless relationship? I don’t ever want them growing up seeing parents fight all the time and parents who were no longer friends.

They are young now and a lot of the decisions I make might be questionable to them but when they’re older, I will happily explain to them why I made the decisions I made. It might not seem like it now – and it might not seem like it to some people – but I did it for myself as well as them. I want them growing up believing that relationships are meant to be fun, loving and playful and if it isn’t like that, why would you stay when you’re unhappy?

I may not have always made the best life decisions and I may not in the coming years but what I do know is that I am doing my best and I hope it's good enough.

  • JB

    Nice writing style, i guess it's serendipity, all the events and changes that happens in ones life,sometimes seem dreary and horrible, but all happens for a reason, you're one gorgeous woman by the way. look forward to reading more.

    • Candice King

      Thank you for your comment JB :) Really appreciate the feedback. Fully believe in everything happening for a reason. Thank you so much :) Hope you enjoy my other posts :)