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Live life. Take pictures. Relive memories. Repeat

Jun 20, 2017 | Candice King

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As a mother, it’s incredibly important for me to capture those precious moments in my children’s lives. As you grow older, you tend to forget the memories that made life’s experiences that much better. Photos for me, is a diary of sorts that captures everything. From my son’s little toes, to my daughter’s favourite toy, to a piece of artwork in the most random position.

I’ve lived my childhood, I now want to capture my children being children through photographs. Time passes by so quickly and memories fade. Taking photos afford my kids the opportunity to look back on memories 20 years from now and smile because those captured moments bring with them a sense of nostalgia. Photos they too can one day show their children and tell them the stories behind the images.

In my house are prints of photos taken over the years. It makes me smile when people walk inside and stop and look at the photos on display. Fours years ago, I started a tradition with my children; it has become a must for us to do an annual photo shoot. In addition to doing the shoots, I love to have those photos printed and displayed in different ways - it brings life and character to the home. Making your house a home through personal touches makes it an inviting space to be in.

With a collection of thousands of pictures, it was time to fill up my home once again with more memories. I’ve now found a quick and efficient service provider who helped me bring my photos to life. Timeframes Printing is an Ottery-based printing company that prints your photos in polaroids, square prints and mini square prints which can be displayed in fun and attractive ways.

They offer beautiful pine finished photo accessories which come in the form of single and double photo blocks, hanging peg photo displays, single polaroid frames as well as small and large floating frames all ranging from R40 – R299.  The photo prints are clipped to the frame with bulldog clips, chalkboard clips, natural pegs or colourful pegs to add a pop of colour to your display.

What’s more is that Timeframes Printing offers both a collection and delivery service for your convenience. Count on Timeframes Printing to make your moments memorable.

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