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Living well with GNC

Oct 12, 2016 | Candice King

Gnc Total Lean Burn 60

I joined Virgin Active two years ago but didn’t really take it as seriously as I should have. When I did decide to get back into it, I sprained my ankle badly and was out of action for a few months. 

Although I am still feeling the pains of an ankle injury a year later, I decided to push on and really give getting fit and healthy some serious attention. I now gym between 4-6 times a week depending on my schedule.

I wasn’t one for using protein shakes or supplements as there are so many on the market and I was never sure which brand to trust. What I did know was that I often felt sluggish and I needed something to give me the boost and motivation necessary to not only maximise my workout, but to actually motivate me enough to drive to gym.

About a year and a half ago, a friend introduced me to the GNC brand. Still, I didn’t jump at the chance to try any supplements, until a couple months ago. Psychologically, when you pain and sweat bucket loads after a workout you automatically feel like you’ve just had the best workout. There were times I felt as though I didn’t push myself hard enough because I wasn’t sweating as much as the next person. That got me down but I persevered. Fortunately, I work with a bunch of gym buffs that coincidentally use various GNC products and I was then told to try GNC’s Total Lean Burn 60 supplements, as the effects would help me achieve the results I wanted – To get the energy I needed to push myself harder which would lead to me sweating more and thus leave me feeling better about my workouts.

As I wasn’t familiar with the product and its effect on me, I was cautious and took one tablet as opposed to the recommended two. What I found was that after taking just one, I had one of the best workouts I’ve ever had. The tablet has a powerful thermogenic formula, which supports weight-loss processes by increasing the amount of calories you burn, boosts your energy to push you further, and naturally increases your metabolism.

For someone who struggles with fatigue and loss of energy as a result of my anemia, I found that this product is definitely my go-to when I need a kick. What’s more is that the tablets are safe to use even on days when you aren’t working out.

I am definitely not an expert in fitness, nor am I equipped to provide guidance on which supplements individuals should take.  What I do know is that I have tried this product and it works for me.

If you are interested in trying any of the GNC products, they are currently running a 20% off promotion on selected products until 23 October 2016. Products are available from GNC stores and Clicks stores.

Visit the GNC website now to check your BMI and BMR and enter the GNC Burn & Firm Competition and stand a chance to win R2500 worth of weight loss products. Competition closes on 24 December 2016.

* Promotional artwork from GNC South Africa 


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