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Meet my Family

Aug 25, 2016 | Candice King

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Have you ever just looked at your kids and thought, WOW! I've done something right? That's how I feel when I look at my babies. They are by far my greatest achievement. Yes, I am a mother and 'that's how I'm supposed to feel', but that is genuinely how I feel.

Do they drive me nuts? Absolutely! Are there days that I want to close my bedroom door and bury my head under my pillow? Yes! But I don't ... I suffer through the fights, nagging, complaints, verbal diarrhea, laughs, stories and more because I brought them into the world and this is my cross to bare. Granted, there are countless times when I'm actually not really listening to all the rants but after a long day at work, I'm exhausted. I barely listen to my own thoughts. So can you blame me?

Anyway, back to meeting my family; meet Kadey, a temperamental tween who is amazing in so many ways. Great big sister and worlds best daughter just doesn't cut it. She is a blessing! And Connor ... my rambunctious four year old who asks me every day if he is five yet. He turned four in May so basically, he is barely four, right? Wrong! I'm constantly told how he is a 'big boy' who doesn't play with three year olds or girls because you know, girls are gross and nasty to him. Mmmm, I wonder how long this phase will last. I'm hoping at least another 14 years but I highly doubt it. A mom can dream can't she?

Here's to many more outbursts and unforgettable moments with my kids. 

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