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Raising a gentleman in an un-chivalrous time

Nov 23, 2016 | Candice King

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When did disrespecting women become acceptable? I often find myself wondering if men would be happy if their daughters, sisters and mothers were treated the way they treat women. Is the virtue of chivalry dead? No its not! I just find that some ‘men’ lack basic respect when it comes to the opposite sex.

It saddens me that this is the world in which we find ourselves. Where ‘men’ think its okay to embarrass, ridicule, disrespect and swear at women. Is this the kind of household or family in which they were raised?! If that were the case, why would they not want to change the vicious cycle? It is through my experience that I now, more than ever before, place emphasis on raising a gentleman.

Some might say that raising a son to be a man is a males’ job. I disagree. I’m trying to raise a good man from a woman’s perspective. What ever happened to opening the door for a lady? Pulling her chair out at dinner? Walking on the pavement closest to the road so that she is out of harms way? Hell, even something as small as a Thank You for cooking you a good meal would be greatly appreciated. These are simple acts that I have every intention of instilling in my son. I want him to respect women for the simple reason that he came out of one.

I’d hope that my boy would not be okay with seeing anyone disrespect the women in his family and therefore not be disrespectful towards females - irrespective of who they are. Good men are being held to the notion that chivalry is dead and that’s not fair. There are some great men out there. It’s just unfortunate that they are painted with the same brush as those who find it so easy to treat women with such disdain.

To women raising sons, please teach them to appreciate all women for who they are and for what they do. Men, teach your sons to treat women the way you would want someone else’s son to treat your daughter!

Remember this, you are not just raising a son. You are raising someone’s husband and father.